Hand Drawn Clipart

The art of clipart

My name is Katya and I am a professional illustrator. This is my true passion and work to which I dedicate all my affection and love.

Representing the world in small cliparts is a way to feel free, to travel back to childhood, to synchronize with the world around me and with nature.

Cliparts are the minimalist expression of the forms of art and life. A trip to the interior, simple and true that makes me feel safe and full of confidence. 

Now I want to share all these feelings with you through my artwork.

Love,Katy M.

Digital Creation

Technology helps us to magnify classical art, to exploit creativity with greater productivity. Even using digital formats, my work is a totally handmade labor, taken care of down to the smallest detail, as well as the very forms of nature.
I don’t use any stamps, templates or special brushes for my works. 

My priority is to preserve the affection and the human essence throughout the creation process.

My Shop

My illustrations & artwork are perfect for decorating your blog or website, social media page, mobile app or for printing stickers, postcards, invitations and other designs. I’m sure you can find a great use for them.

I hope that you’ll really love my illustrations and will be able together to create a lot of beautiful things.

¡Thank you for all!

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